Rental Service Terms of Use and Sale

Contract Conditions

You hereby certify that you are at least 18 years of age, and that you are renting the Breast Pump(s) / UV Sterlizer(s) shown on the checkout page from Baby Parenting Hub. Your completion of the rental transaction constitutes your acceptance of these terms.


Condition of Pumps and UV Sterilisers

All Breast Pumps and UV Sterilisers rented from Baby Parenting Hub are guaranteed to be correct according to your order, and in usable used or new condition. Breast Pumps or UV Sterilisers will be shipped at Baby Parenting Hub’s discretion and depending upon our availability.



Baby Parenting Hub relies on the expertise of our shipping provider E-DHL Courier Service to deliver your pumps to you on time. Rare problems such as weather delays, rural routes, or shipping carrier system delays could affect the timing of your delivery. Baby Parenting Hub will work closely with any customer that does not receive their pump within the time frame selected. Standard shipping please allow up to 1-2 business days for processing and 3-5 business days for shipping. Expedited Shipping please allow 1 business day for processing and 3 business days for shipping. Orders received by 1pm will go out same business day, orders received after this time will go out the next business day. We are unable to ship outside the Malaysia. We do not process orders on weekends or holidays.



The Breast Pump(s) or UV Sterliser(s) rented from Baby Parenting Hub are the property of Baby Parenting Hub Sdn Bhd. At no time during the rental period does the renter obtain ownership of the Breast Pump or UV Sterilizer



Baby Parenting Hub will send you notifications and order receipts to the email address(es) you have provided. Baby Parenting Hub may send you return notifications via email as a courtesy, but Baby Parenting Hub is not responsible to notify you in any way of the return due date. You are solely responsible for returning the Breast Pump(s) or UV Steriliser(s) by the due date whether or not you receive a reminder notification from Baby Parenting Hub.

You authorize Baby Parenting Hub and/- or Baby Parenting Hub Sdn Bhd to send you emails and/or SMS text messages that include information about discounts, deals, products and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. Baby Parenting Hub may use information about you, including personal information and the information you provide for your rental transaction and/or online account creation to: (1) allow you to participate in features offered or to provide related customer service, such as responding to your questions, complaints or comments; (2) customize content recommendations and offers displayed to you; (3) process a transaction you initiate; (4) provide you with information, products or services; (5) send you special offers from Baby Parenting Hub, its advertisers, or its third-party business partners; (6) process your registration for rental services, including verifying your e-mail address is active and valid; (7) improve the services and for internal business purposes; (8) contact you with regard to any use of the services and, in its discretion, make changes to policies; (9) Share your information with Baby Parenting Hub Sdn Bhd for purposes of collection; (10) for purposes disclosed at the time you provide your information or otherwise give your consent. Breast Pump Rentals LLC will not ask you for any personal information, account username, and password, or any of your credit or debit card information via email or text message, and you will not provide such information via email or text message. Baby Parenting Hub will have no responsibility for any misuse of such information if you provide such information via email or text message.


Agreement to Return Breast Pump(s) or UV Steriliser(s)

You agree to return rented Breast Pump(s) or UV Steriliser(s) in a suitable box to Baby Parenting Hub Sdn Bhd service center, located in No.117, Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia, by your own fleet before the last day of your rental period. Breast Pump(s) or UV Steriliser(s) that are not returned to the Baby Parenting Hub Sdn Bhd service center will not be cleared from your account and you will continue to be responsible to pay rent until the Breast Pump or UV Steriliser is returned to Baby Parenting Hub Sdn Bhd service center. Please make sure you are provide tracking information for Baby Parenting Hub.


Breast Pump(s) or UV Steriliser(s) not Returned on Time

We will do our best to make returning your Breast Pump(s) or UV Steriliser(s) simple and easy. If however, Breast Pump(s) or UV Steriliser(s) are not returned at the end of the rental period, as specified in the rental agreement, one of two things will occur 1) you will be notified via email that your security deposit will be void and non-refundable. 2) Your information will be sent directly to Baby Parenting Hub Sdn Bhd. You hereby authorize Baby Parenting Hub or Baby Parenting Hub Sdn Bhd to void your security deposit that you fail to return the Breast Pump(s) or UV Steriliser(s). We work very hard to resolve every return discrepancy. After all, our wish is to keep you as a happy customer and continue to rent Breast Pump(s) or UV Steriliser(s) to you throughout your pregnancies.


Maintenance and Care of Breast Pump(s) or UV Steriliser(s)

You, the renter, agree to keep Breast Pump(s) or UV Steriliser(s) in good, usable condition. Upon your receipt of the Breast Pump or UV Steriliser until you return the Breast Pump or UV Steriliser to Baby Parenting Hub, you are responsible for keeping the breast pump or UV Sterilizer in good working condition and to use only as directed by the instructions. In the event that the breast pump or UV sterliser has been damaged by you due to abuse, misuse or alterations, you give authorization for Baby Parenting Hub to charge you the full fair market value of the breast pump or UV steriliser.


Right to Cancel Orders

Baby Parenting Hub retains the right to cancel or refuse any order that results from an error in pricing due to typographical errors, miscommunication with our partners, or any other incorrect information.


Refund and Return Policy

You may cancel any order for full refund if it has not shipped.  For early return the rent unit before the rental period are not refundable. For cancel order please kindly email to or via WhatsApp +6012 229 0019 and we will send you the refund request application form for refund purpose.

Breast Pumps Accessory Kit or UV Sterilizer Maintenance

You are required to pay for the sterilizations fees for breast pump valve replacement charges or UV sterliser maintenance fees, RM30 / RM50 to breast pump or RM30 UV steriliser rental service. We strive to provide moms with the highest confidence of quality and safety. Moms can be assured that they receive a kit that has been sterilized are min good conditions.

This Refund and Return Policy does not apply if the Breast Pump or UV Steriliser has been damaged by you due to abuse, misuse or alteration.



Baby Parenting Hub shall not be held liable for any damages incurred, physical or emotional, tangible or intangible, for use of this rental.


Rental Periods

We have structured our rental periods to fit the needs of a new mom. Each rental period is discussed in detail below.

  • 7days
  • 14days
  • 21days
  • 30days



Extending your rental period is easy. Simply access your account and reorder and checkout. Our service team will contact you via email or WhatsApp to notify and confirm with you the new rental period.


You acknowledge that you have read this disclosure and agree that the Baby Parenting Hub may contact you as described above.

Except as otherwise provided herein, Baby Parenting Hub agrees to keep all your personal and payment information confidential in accordance with our privacy policy.

Baby Parenting Hub, may assign this agreement to a parent or affiliate company at its sole discretion.